This event took place on Friday 26th January 2024


11th National Gastrointestinal Nursing Conference

Best practice for improving quality of life

This event took place on the 26th of January, 2024 at America Square Conference Centre, London. 

The National Gastrointestinal Nursing Conference is a CPD-certified educational event for nurses specialising in gastroenterology, hepatology and stoma care. 

The 2023 conference featured presentations on a range of specialist topics, from inflammatory bowel disease and endoscopy to nutrition and colorectal cancer. The event aims to support nurses’ professional development and best practice in delivering holistic, evidence-based, cost-effective care, centred on improving patients’ quality of life.

This event is for
-       IBD nurse specialists
-       Clinical nurse specialists (stoma care, liver nursing, IBD, gastroenterology, endoscopy, colorectal cancer, etc.)
-       Stoma care nurses
-       Nurse endoscopists
-       Liver nurses
-       Colorectal nurses
-       Upper & Lower GI nurses
-       Enhanced recovery nurses
-       Any HCP with an interest


"All topics are valuable and very useful in our practice"

2023 Attendee

"Thank you for providing great speakers, perfect venue and amazing refreshment/food and drinks."

2023 Attendee

"Inspirational topics" and "Very engaging speakers"

2023 Attendee

"It is my first time to attend this conference and I have really enjoyed it. I thank everyone for the job very well done and look forward to attending again in the future."

2023 Attendee